The Greater Equator Inc. is the premier online source building knowledge and awareness of the most sustainably-made, organic, recycled/upcycled, eco-friendly, and ethically created products and services around the globe.

We offer hyperlocal, unique, artisan brands that will inspire you.

Let's work together to build a sustainable planet.

Favorite Green City

Decision-making from the Heart

As much as we appreciate data-driven decision-making, we also o focus on the ability to intuit, or gracefully settle on, or "grok", that correct pathway. Whether this is choosing a specific vendor, or deciding on a product line, sourcing materials, understanding a manageable timeline, or even "getting" what any of our partners, vendors, or customers needs at any given time, we intend to focus at least some consideration on initial, gut feelings.


The vision of The Greater Equator Inc. is to create an sustainable luxury lifestyle brand, focusing on a curated marketplace collection of green and socially/environmentally responsible products for eco-conscious consumers.

Products in The Greater Equator's online marketplace are synonymous with wonderful, organic/all-natural/eco-friendly, and well-made: in a word, WOW.

The company finds the best of the American marketplace and sources high-quality products from family-owned, startup, emerging, and established green businesses.

a breath of fresh air

We're changing our direction after two years of providing you with the best and brightest of US-made, sustainable, organic products. We're currently seeking your input, advice, and feedback about the tools, people, resources, and services that will help you live a more bright green life. How may we be of assistance? Please give some thought into your ideas for our shared, sustainable future, and drop us a line through our contact page!